Luxury Artisan Truffle & Bar Combo (18 Truffles & 4 Bars)


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A Seriously Delicious Selection of 18 Luxury Belgian Truffles & 4 Fabulous Dragon Bars

Truffles will be selected from the following…. Raspberry, Caribbean, Mint, Strawberry, Sea Salt & Caramel, Ginger & Lime, Soft Caramel, Lemon, Soft Caramel (House special), Milk, Dark, Maple & Praline, Cherry, Strawberry & Cinnamon, Dark Hazelnut, Cherry & Almond, Sloe Gin, Champagne, Dark & Stormy, Pernod & Cassis, Guinness & Blueberry and of course the occasional seasonal truffle….

Dragon Bars will be selected from the following…. Milk, Seville, Fruit & Nut, Koko, Happy, Peppermint, Mya, Lemon Pepper & Ginger, Seville Noir, Tropical, Sea Salt & Caramel, Sea Salt, Dark, Lemon, Apple & Chai Tea, Blush, Cappuccino, Orange Chocolate and of course the occasional seasonal bar…


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Weight .745 kg
Dimensions 28.7 × 14.5 × 3.8 cm